5Faxhion Dangle Drop Crystal Earrings

September 29, 2022

Crystal Earrings

These lightweight stunners aren’t just a pretty addition to any party look—they hold a deeper meaning too. Each point of the eight-pointed star represents a pathway of the eight rays of manifestation of the higher self: personal will, determination, unconditional love, confidence, wisdom, growth, knowledge, and intelligence. This is not only a beautiful gift but a meaningful one as well.

Starburst Dangle Drop Earrings

These Star Stud Earrings are Made up of Two Double-layer Seven-pointed Stars with Shiny Pave CZ, Promise You A Unique Pair of Star Earrings.The Seven-pointed Star Represents Good Luck. The Seven-pointed Star, Each of The Seven Points is Believed to Have A Different Meaning. Each Point Represents A Pathway of The Eight Rays of Manifestation of The Higher Self. They are – Personal Will and Determination, Unconditional Love, Confidence,Wisdom and Growth, Knowledge and Intelligence.

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