Balsam Hill Christmas Tree & B.Duck Night Light

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Balsam Hill 6.5ft Premium Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree ‘Most Realistic’ BH Balsam Fir with Clear LED Lights Includes Stand, Storage Bag, Fluffing Gloves, and Extra Bulbs

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree & B.Duck Night Light

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree & B.Duck Night Light

Our BH Balsam Fir Christmas Tree features a teardrop shape with True Needle™ and Classic Needle foliage for realism and fullness. Available pre-lit with either traditional incandescent lights or Candlelight LEDs. It is also equipped with Easy Plug™ design for an effortless set-up.

Our exclusive True Needle technology uses injection-molded PE plastic to mimic the look and feel of genuine evergreen needles, giving our lifelike trees an unmatched level of realism. Our PVC Classic Needles are used to create most of our traditional trees and provide fullness at an affordable price. These are the soft, papery, and flat needles found on traditional artificial Christmas trees.

Our pre-lit trees use our exclusive Easy Plug feature which incorporates all light string connections inside the tree trunk, so the only cord you need to touch during setup is the one you plug into the wall.

Pre-lit with either traditional timeless incandescent lights orour exclusive Candlelight LED lights. Unlike traditional LEDs that emit bright white light, our Candlelight LED lights cast a soft glow similar to regular incandescent bulbs and won’t burn out.

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree & B.Duck Night Light

The BH Balsam Fir is designed after the Abies balsamea that thrives in the Northeast and can be found throughout the Appalachian Mountain range up and down North America’s eastern coast. One of the most popular Christmas trees of all time, the balsam fir is known for its beautiful fragrance, teardrop shape, and semi-flat needles.

  • Crafted with abundant True Needle foliage for realism that draws the eye and Classic Needles for added fullness.
  • Easy Plug system incorporates light connections in the trunk, so lighting your tree is as simple as plugging it into a socket. Currently available on select trees. Click on the specifications below for more details.
  • Trees pre-lit with innovative Twinkly LED lights allow you to create and control different light colors, light shows, or choose from a pre-programmed selection of patterns and colors, all from your phone using the mobile app.

Balsam Hill’s mission is to create the world’s most luxurious and realistic artificial Christmas trees, and we are committed to providing our customers with a picture-perfect holiday. Our trees have been featured on television shows, magazines, and celebrity homes. With innovative technologies our trees let you sit back and enjoy Christmas to the fullest. We also have a selection of beautiful wreaths, garlands, and Christmas decorations to put the finishing touches to your home this holiday season.

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree & B.Duck Night Light

B.Duck Colorful Sleeping Night Light

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree & B.Duck Night Light

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree & B.Duck Night Light

B.Duck Night Light-Camping: Protect your family, only with light can you feel safe

Not afraid of the dark night, warm companionship: soft light heals, does not irritate and does not hurt the eyes

Three levels of warm light, brightness adjustment: all-round protection, adjust different brightness

30-minute timer shutdown: When any function is turned on, double-click the button to schedule a 30-minute shutdown, double-click again to cancel the timer

Silicone handle, carry and go: charging takes about 6 hours to fully charge, and can be used continuously for more than 24 hours

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